Delete Yahoo Mail Account From MAC iOS Permanently

  • Go to Settings in the default Apple Mail app.
  • Scroll down to Mail and tap on it.
  • Next, tap on Accounts. It will display a list of emails configured on the app.
  • Choose your Yahoo mail account, it would show the account name, below which you would find icons for Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Notes, containing all the data on your Yahoo account. At the bottom of these options, you would see the option of Delete Account.
  • You would get a prompt for confirmation of the deletion. Tap on Delete from My iPhone and you would delete the account along with all the associated data from your iPhone.

Next, we would consider deleting Yahoo mail account from MacOS X device which would be of help if you are using a desktop or laptop powered by Apple. However, one should make sure whether they want to remove the email account itself or simply want to remove all the emails from a specific email account on a Mac OS X device. Removing all emails from your Yahoo account would also be easy enough in default Apple Mail app but here, we would focus on how to remove the email account itself.