How to Access Settings Mode in Yahoo Mobile Mail App?

Yahoo simply is a great platform; it is enhanced with unlimited benefits undoubtedly. With the features being updated, users are also offered with free Mail app which they can use in their any device. All the smart phone users can use the mail app with certain benefits also, such like themes changing and updates. But one really needs to know about How to Access Settings Mode in Yahoo Mail App and take care with the it while they access Yahoo mail app in mobile devices. If users find any problem in this term, then yahoo mail experts are available to assist them through Yahoo Phone number.

If you are trying to change the default settings for the Yahoo Mail app then you can either call us, or else you can follow our convenient steps. Besides, the best part to know is that settings vary according to different platforms.

The Platforms Which Support Yahoo Mail App

Yahoo Mail is available for iOS, Android and for windows phones to a large extent. One can use Yahoo customer support number in order to take any kind of support from experts. Each of the different category mobile apps comes up with several unique and outstanding themes so that one can choose it from customizing their inbox. One can also control their account and notification settings. The Yahoo APP is also available for free of cost in phone app store. It is widely compatible with 2.2; on the iPhone, and also with iOS 6.

Ok, so besides this entire thing and information, one requires taking certain steps in order to enter settings mode in Yahoo mobile mail.

First Open Settings

If you want to open the settings feature on the Yahoo Mail app you can tap the menu icon and then scroll at the bottom then click on settings option or in some of the version you will see, options written, so just click on that. After that if you want to change the theme, and then from the option menu, you can click on themes and get to see the varieties and apply on it.

Settings options can also be changed!

So this, is undoubtedly another added benefit, you can change the settings options in your Yahoo mail account and also in mail settings on any mobile device you want. Users are allowed with the settings which they want to change apart from this you can check out the display messages, the filter, and blocked addresses and also the app messages all are available at one point of time.

If you want to access settings features in Yahoo, then you can select option in which so many criteria is available like for hiding message previews, deleting a message, marking the message as spam and for changing yahoo password.
So, the never ending and easy options are always making Yahoo easily accessible in mobile devices too. One just requires changing the settings. We amongst the top providers are helping each one of you in the most easiest and perfect manner. Our experts are available 24*7, so if you have any query you can take our help by dialing our number.

How to modify your search in yahoo Call +1-888-254-4408

Yahoo makes all possible attempts to bring in latest features for its users even when it is oldest known mail platform. Yahoo is complete because it can meet all types of internet needs of users. Yahoo is enhanced and advance and this is because it wisely understands the need of changes and accept the requirements of its users to bring in necessary changes to its each applications. It keep on closing some of the old application and brings new and update application with enhanced application on its platform every now and then for its users so that user need to switch to any other online platform. Everything on yahoo is quite easy but in case any problem occur get easy help from yahoo customer number.


Yahoo has always been a useful search engine and is effective for returning relevant results for searched query. People enjoy using yahoo because it has been a better search service provider. Even though one can conduct a simple and easy search with the inbuilt search bar that comes within the mail platform but with advance search features one can get better results for search features.

Even though searching things on yahoo is easy and anyone can do it but with advance search option one can modify the search experiences. These are easy rules for making it better search:

  • Search with a keyword – The simple way to search in mails is with a keyword that you think that email must have which you are searching in yahoo mail.
  • Search with subject – One can refine the search results by searching it with the subject of the mail. This will return those mails which have the same subject.
  • Search with email addresses – One can directly add a complete email of the sender with which you want to search any mail in hotmail. This will return the lists of emails sent via same email addresses.
  • Refine search with operators – Use operators with OR and AND like operators to refine search criteria.
  • Negative search criteria – Negative search criteria can yield results not having the similar searched keywords.5.  Negative search criteria – Negative search criteria can yield results not having the similar searched keywords.

With enhanced search feature one can make it smart and modified. Search feature of yahoo is enhanced and useful and it is also easy to use but in case still if any users still find it difficult using it they may obtain easy help from yahoo contact number.

Delete Yahoo Mail Account From MAC iOS Permanently

  • Go to Settings in the default Apple Mail app.
  • Scroll down to Mail and tap on it.
  • Next, tap on Accounts. It will display a list of emails configured on the app.
  • Choose your Yahoo mail account, it would show the account name, below which you would find icons for Mail, Contacts, Calendars, and Notes, containing all the data on your Yahoo account. At the bottom of these options, you would see the option of Delete Account.
  • You would get a prompt for confirmation of the deletion. Tap on Delete from My iPhone and you would delete the account along with all the associated data from your iPhone.

Next, we would consider deleting Yahoo mail account from MacOS X device which would be of help if you are using a desktop or laptop powered by Apple. However, one should make sure whether they want to remove the email account itself or simply want to remove all the emails from a specific email account on a Mac OS X device. Removing all emails from your Yahoo account would also be easy enough in default Apple Mail app but here, we would focus on how to remove the email account itself.

Fix Error Code 40402 In Your Yahoo Messenger

Steps to troubleshoot the error code 40402 in your Yahoo messenger

Step 1: Firstly you are required to delete and remove all the cache memory of your Yahoo messenger.

Step 2: If after clearing the cache memory also does not help then you should follow the further steps which are applicable to Windows 7, 10 and vista.

Step 3: Now open your messenger and go to the bottom of the screen and you will see a smile and click on the smiley and then click on “exit” option.

Step 4: After this tap on “start” button and then go to “all programs” and then on “command prompt”.

Step 5: You will see a list of commands copy and paste each command in the window prompt and tap “enter” and run the command and restart the computer. If you need Yahoo technical support to find the commands then contacts the experts.

Ring to experts via Yahoo support number toll-free for support

If you are still facing this error even after following the steps then you need to take support from experts and for that connect with us through Yahoo support number +1-888-254-4408 toll-free.