How to modify your search in yahoo Call +1-888-254-4408

Yahoo makes all possible attempts to bring in latest features for its users even when it is oldest known mail platform. Yahoo is complete because it can meet all types of internet needs of users. Yahoo is enhanced and advance and this is because it wisely understands the need of changes and accept the requirements of its users to bring in necessary changes to its each applications. It keep on closing some of the old application and brings new and update application with enhanced application on its platform every now and then for its users so that user need to switch to any other online platform. Everything on yahoo is quite easy but in case any problem occur get easy help from yahoo customer number.


Yahoo has always been a useful search engine and is effective for returning relevant results for searched query. People enjoy using yahoo because it has been a better search service provider. Even though one can conduct a simple and easy search with the inbuilt search bar that comes within the mail platform but with advance search features one can get better results for search features.

Even though searching things on yahoo is easy and anyone can do it but with advance search option one can modify the search experiences. These are easy rules for making it better search:

  • Search with a keyword – The simple way to search in mails is with a keyword that you think that email must have which you are searching in yahoo mail.
  • Search with subject – One can refine the search results by searching it with the subject of the mail. This will return those mails which have the same subject.
  • Search with email addresses – One can directly add a complete email of the sender with which you want to search any mail in hotmail. This will return the lists of emails sent via same email addresses.
  • Refine search with operators – Use operators with OR and AND like operators to refine search criteria.
  • Negative search criteria – Negative search criteria can yield results not having the similar searched keywords.5.  Negative search criteria – Negative search criteria can yield results not having the similar searched keywords.

With enhanced search feature one can make it smart and modified. Search feature of yahoo is enhanced and useful and it is also easy to use but in case still if any users still find it difficult using it they may obtain easy help from yahoo contact number.