Tips On Enable Yahoo 2 step Verification

Enable Two-Step Verification:

  1. Log on to
  2. Click on “Account Security” provide the credentials again if prompted.
  3. Go to “Two-Step Verification” and Enable the button. It shall turn in Green from Gray.
  4. It will ask you mobile number. Enter the mobile number and wait for the text.
  5. Attentively, you can also choose “Send SMS” option to get the access code.
  6. Enter the code received in your mobile and Press “Verify
  7. Two-step Verification will be enabled on your Yahoo account.

Once the Two-Step Verification enabled, it will add an extra layer of security. For an example, you insert your card in ATM. This is the first layer of security and then you enter your PIN. This is the second layer of security. If someone gets the card, he/she won’t be able to withdraw money as PIN will be needed to authenticate the identity. Same as in the case of Yahoo account, if someone gets the password of your Yahoo account, he/she still can’t log in into it as they will require a code which you will receive on your mobile phone. It will save your Yahoo account by getting hacked easily and instantly.

More Info Click here : Yahoo Support

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